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Executive Coaching in London and UK, working remotely or directly with you.

Desi Chantelle

My name is Desi Chantelle and I provide executive coaching in London.  I am based in West London and I can provide services across London and UK.

I am very friendly and very approachable.  I am a natural listener and engender a welcoming feeling of trust and confidence.  I am completely non-judgmental and encourage openness and positivity.  

I provide a confidential and supportive stage to guide the client’s (speaker’s) voice forward. This is done by developing and amplifying the client’s strengths through identifying and curing blind spots in their behaviour. I also strive to push the client with powerful questions to challenge assumptions and to identify resources that can help overcome obstacles. When it is needed, a behavioural assessment and 360 report can be drawn up.

I take pride and care in the difficult and important role I perform. I am driven by the desire to help and get huge satisfaction watching my clients overcome challenges and excel in their business lives.  

The 100% positive feedback and testimonials I get are testament to the personal time, energy and commitment I invest with all my clients. 


“Desi’s friendly approach and willingness to help made a huge difference to me and I thoroughly recommend her as a business coach”


“ After my first session of executive coaching in London with Desi I felt completely different about my work.  I look forward to our next session and I am excited to work with her and develop my potential “


Our Typical Customers

My service is focused on individuals, not business types or industries.  

I believe that for a business to perform at its optimum, ALL staff need to unlock their potential.  For this reason I do not have any typical customers. I focus on individuals. I do not specialise in one type of business, a specific industry or even one Nationality.

I have worked across many different industries from construction to media (movie industry and composers) to pharmaceuticals.  The common theme in my work is the individual, not the environment or the role they perform.

I provide coaching services from the highest levels in an organisation down to the lowest paid support staff. 

Who Are My Clients:

  • People that believe in the change and want it will too.
  • People that do not look for advice and/or someone that can solve their problem.
  • People that strive from good to great or great to greater.

 Executive Coaching in London and UK




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 Executive Coaching in London and UK, international coach federation approved coach

 Executive Coaching in London and UK, European mentoring and coaching council approved coach

 Executive Coaching in London and UK, ICF approved coach

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