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Executive Coaching In London

Executive coaching helps individuals and groups inside businesses reach their maximum potential by focusing on their skills and potential. It facilitates the learning and developing process with the  purpose of performance improvement and effective actions enhancement as well as goal achievement and personal satisfaction.

DC&A provide cost effective, professional executive coaching in London. Our fees are reasonable and strive to provide excellent value for money, while offering a high quality coaching service tailored to your needs. 


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Find out about me and my experience, and discover the benefits of using executive coaching in London services and read a few of my testimonials.

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What Is An Executive Coach

An executive coach is a qualified professional that works with executives and potential employees to help clarify goals, unlock potential and gain self-awareness. Furthermore, executive coaching can help the individual understand responsibilities and achieve developmental objectives.

The opportunity to work with an executive coach can be transformational. For the individual! Not the coach! However, coaching only works for those who truly want to improve.

An executive coach differs from a consultant, mentor or therapist, in that they refrain from offering advice or giving problem-solving guidance. Coaching facilitates the learning and development process with the purpose of performance improvement. Effective action enhancement is also developed to increase goal achievement and personal satisfaction.

Executive coaches are hired by companies and organisations as a way to invest in their executives and high potential. Coaches are often used as a part of a development program. This is usually when an employee has been newly promoted or a new project has begun, coaches can be hired for behavioural problems as well as to help employees and leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts.



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Working in the field for many years, I gained extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the workplace.  I subsequently moved into the area of coaching and now have qualifications and significant experience, in executive and business coaching.  Coaching is something that perfectly suits my personality and together with my team  we gain a huge level of enjoyment from helping others achieve their full potential.


My Approach 

Build performance by unlocking your potential

DC&A offer a coaching service built on 4 important pillars:

  • Trust
  • Honesty

  • Empathy
  • Credibility

Our team offer a professional performance coaching service and fundamental to approach is the recognition that you do not take a specific advice relating to issues as well as to deliver mentoring services.

Coach Role Is To Help You Develop Your Potential. 

I believe that you already have the capabilities and the resources to overcome professional barriers you face, find the answers to the difficult questions you have and harness your full potential.  I work with you to unlock this potential through facilitate learning.  

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DC&A Goal 

Promote growth and learning by opening and enhancing your existing potential.

The most important aspects of the coaching covers:

  • interpersonal relationships and organisational dynamics ,
  • transparency and integrity in the workplace,
  • respect for your uniqueness and what is deeply important to you.

I do not focus on the negative.  My focus is on the positive elements of your skill sets, your past achievements and tapping into your full potential.


Benefits of Business Coaching

Often comes the question "What outcomes can be expected to come from our services?".

Short Term Benefits of Business Coaching 

There are many short-term outcomes of coaching that my executive coaching in London aims to deliver such as 

  • Resolving immediate issues
  • Reducing stress 
  • Greater objective awareness of the business role they play
  • Improved ability and willingness to take responsibility 


Long Term Benefits of Business Coaching 

The greatest opportunities lie in the longer-term benefits of business coaching.  These include: 

  • Self confidence 
  • Unlocking potential
  • Improved performance




Executive Coaching in London and UK, short term and long term benifits



"These techniques and many other do not require us to show you the answer, but show you a way to reach the answer yourself and unlock your own potential for high performance."



Highly Recommended 

The work that I do has a great impact on the individuals that I work with and their companies.  

As a testament to the quality of our work, the vast majority of our new customers come from word of mouth recommendations.

“From the moment I met Desi, I felt an instant connection.  This led to a deep trust that helped us to communicate in a way that was open and honest. I am convinced that this helped with the quality of caching and the personal success I have subsequently achieved”





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